• Our Frames

We can provide you with frames to suit any price range

All of our frames have been chosen with one purpose in mind – to provide something for everyone.

Our frames range from £7.95 to £260. No matter which product you choose, each is of the highest quality, offering durability, practicality and above all, comfort.

You’ll receive all the help you need from our well-trained staff, each of whom will dedicate their time to making sure you get the best look and an even better deal.

Why not take a look at just a few of the frames we’ve got on offer?


The Eyespace brand is an award-winning mark of excellence when it comes to combining great value and high quality. Founded 25 years ago, they’ve established themselves as an exemplary brand which can cater to almost all tastes.

Their versatile range, created in conjunction with a huge number of practitioners and designers, has become a byword for comfort – and we’re happy to stock them in our store.


A unique collection of ultra-lightweight glasses, the Silhouette range prides itself on the connection it forges with the wearer. The company, established in 1964, creates frames which are minimalist, sleek and striking.

These are frames that fit around the needs of the user – not the other way around.


Created by one of the most talented eyewear design teams in the world, Stepper have frames which are fine-tuned to provide the finest in comfort and style. Studiously designed with fit, materials and durability in mind, these frames will also provide you with a sense of style that will match any outfit.

You’ll also find many more frames available in store. Visit us to browse our extensive collection.