• Emergency Eye Assessment (coming soon)

Don’t let your eyes suffer – book an emergency eye assessment with us today

Patients regularly visit their GPs because they’re suffering from an eye condition like a scratch or infection. While doctors can provide you with their opinion on your ocular health, your optician is the real expert when it comes to dealing with your eyes and any vision-related problems.

At JK Opticians, via the Minor Eye Care Service (MECS) pathway, we offer emergency assessments for anyone who requires medical help for their eyes. Our accredited opticians will thoroughly examine your eyes with the most advanced equipment before providing you with the necessary treatment plan.

Why you should book an emergency eye assessment

You can book an emergency MECS assessment for a wide variety of problems, including:

Flashes and floaters

Sudden changes in vision

Cuts and scratches

Foreign bodies in your eye

A blunt injury to the eye or eyelid

Red eye

Once we’ve made our diagnosis, we can help you find the treatment you need – whether that means eye drops, creams or a referral to the local hospital to receive more in-depth treatment.

If you experience any eye-related problems outside of our practice hours, call your local accident and emergency department.

For more information regarding emergency eye assessments, or to book an appointment, please get in touch.