• Children’s Eye Examination

The health of your child’s eyes is vital to their development – we can help

Every parent wants the best possible care when it comes to their children’s health. They want to ensure that their kids can play like other kids, can socialise without struggling and enjoy the kind of childhood memories that people cherish once they’ve grown up.

While you might take your child to the doctors regularly, it might not occur to you to take them to the opticians until they’re a little older. However, an effective eye examination can be undertaken from an early age.

How we can provide your child with the best eye care

We can track your child’s eye development using a combination of shapes and pictures, even before they’re old enough to understand letters and words.

Beyond their infant years, it’s vital that you take your child for regular eye tests throughout their school career to ensure the health of their eyes is primed for learning, both inside and outside the classroom.

Why? Because when problems with eye health are identified early, they can be improved upon with rapid treatment and processes which could correct vision entirely.

We now offer Digital Retinal Photography for children at no extra charge.

A child-friendly environment and fantastic frames

We understand how to keep a child of any age engaged and entertained during their eye examination, and know how important it is to impress good eye care upon them for the future.

What’s more, we offer a great selection of children’s frames, all at competitive prices:



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To find out more about children’s frames and check-ups, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.